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Game Change Your Biz - this is how it really started

Game Change Your Biz was started as a result of hearing the same old information "you should be satisfied with what you have". You can't change anything about running a business, etc. Really?

So in 2005, I enrolled in massage therapy school thinking that in 2007 I was going to develop a practice in Tennessee. Can you tell that I am a bit of a planner? Well moving to Tennessee did not happen (a life challenge) and I still reside in Virginia which is a nice state. Soon, I discovered from other therapists and students, I could work as an independent contractor or as an employee. Most therapists that had their own business were self-employed and did not have anything set up for their future as far as retirement plans were concerned. How do you financially survive if you are the only "bread winner" of the family or single?

I was hoping to have those questions answered in my massage business class in 2006. Well those questions were not. What I had in 2008 was a part time mobile massage business that I wanted to grow into a brick and mortar. I also wanted to instruct and teach others on how to run a business. I did not know how to start my massage practice when I immediately graduated from massage therapy school. I relied on what I had learned from my previous horse business and partnerships in a franchise and flipping houses from 10-15 years prior. What happened to those businesses? Besides a car accident, there were a few family life challenges and the businesses were dissolved. However, I still had dreams and aspirations of creating a business even though the curve ball of life had hit me pretty hard. So, I have decided after years in the massage therapy business that I would start a podcast on the basics of creating a successful business.

My weekly podcasts addressed various concerns: how to start your business on a budget without taking away from the family budget, how to obtain the necessary equipment and how to build your clientele. We also discuss time management and financial management, how to improve your credit and afford your own place.

Today, I have added a new chapter to this site. Along the way, I created some Done for You templates, E-books, blogs, tips and cheat sheets. Why? I think it is helpful for the upcoming entrepreneur in any industry to have a guideline. These tools will save you TIME and MONEY!! Why re-invent the wheel? Be sure to check out the LEARN page on this site.

Please join our Game Change Community and I welcome any other topics you would like to hear about creating a successful business. The goal is to educate but to also inspire each other.

The question is - are you ready to game change your business?

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