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Affirmations Made Easy
Sale Price $19.99  Save $10


One of the major secrets to being successful in your life and attracting all your heart’s desires is having the ability to bypass your conscious mind so that you can access the immense powers of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind uses approximately 90 percent of your total mind power as opposed to the 10 percent of your brain that you utilize in your normal daily waking state.

The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and will accept any truth or image that you submit to it without question, and will then act on your instructions and ultimately bring your vibration into complete harmony with everything that you desire. This enables everything that you wish to manifest into your life so that you can experience them in full. In order for you to attract your desires into your life, you have to know precisely what you want and how to ask for it, but most importantly you have to “vibrate” in harmony with your desires by believing that you have everything you desire right now. To vibrate in harmony with all that you want you to have to think positively. In other words, you have to think in terms that all that you desire already exists in your life and you have to feel as though you are already experiencing and enjoying those desires.

What's Included:

E-Book, 10 Done For You Blog Posts

The 7 Step Roadmap To Freedom- The Guide To Becoming A Digital Nomad

Sale price $15.99 Save $14.00


Learn how to create financial freedom and work anywhere in the world!

What's Included:

E-Book, Email Scripts, Sales Pages, Audio that you can use or voice-over as your own, website coding material

The Best Email Marketing Hacks (E-Book and Blogs)


Email marketing has the potential to be the single most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. Don’t take my word for it: if you check the blogs of any of the biggest ‘make money’ experts on the web, they will almost unanimously advise that email marketing should be front and center as part of your marketing and that it is more profitable than many other kinds combined! In this bundle, you will find 21 incredibly powerful hacks that can instantly increase your engagement, your deliverability, your conversions and more. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Bonus: Includes 10 Blog Articles: How to Write Emails That Will Get Read How to Sell Through Email How to Promote Your Mailing List With a Blog …and many more.

Holistic Secrets
Sale $147
Save $50


Trying to start your own wellness practice can be challenging and time consuming. As you know time is money. So save time by not re-inventing the wheel. This program walks you through how to have a mobile massage, renting a room or having your own brick and mortar business.

Learn what to do, how to do it and succeed at making your dream a reality.!

Bonus cheat sheets and templates are included in this program as well.

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